Bodge Of The Year (BOTY) Award 2017

Each year here at Peter Van Der Veer BMW we pick up the pieces of previous repair work which has been undertaken (presumably) with the best intentions but without the prerequisite skill for the task at hand.

Without naming and shaming we will introduce a shortlist of our favourites, for you to vote upon at the end of the year.

A common fault on diesel BMW’s is the eventual disintegration of the flexi-pipe between the DPF (diesel particulate filter) and the exhaust. We keep these in stock as they are such a common repair. It’s a bit fiddly to remove the DPF but otherwise the repair is straightforward.

Although, it would appear not everyone thinks so…


This mixture of grey snot-like gunk covered with Bacofoil was neither effective, nor neat, but believe it or not was done at a ‘reputable local garage’.

Our own repair hopefully demonstrates how it should have been done…

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