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Peter Van Der Veer has developed quite a reputation during his 15 or so years working with BMW cars. His workshop is the “go to” place for factory quality retro-fits, complicated electrical diagnosis work, M-Power, Alpina and classic BMW maintenance, engine rebuilds and of course…timing chains.

Last year we repaired just short of 100 timing chains, mostly, but not exclusively on N47 diesel engines. 2017 looks like the year when we will surpass the 100 mark by a good margin.

For nearly two years now, Peter and I have been collating details of the more noteworthy experiences we have in the workshop, with the intention of producing this permanent record and archive. Over the coming weeks and months we will reproduce some of the interesting, informative, amusing, perplexing and occasionally mysterious occurrences which we encounter.

We are also interested to offer a forum to those who have stories or experiences of BMW and Mini cars to relate, which are either entertaining or noteworthy.

Phil J

Workshop Manager

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